About Me

B. Kristin McMichael

Years ago while I was all alone on Saturday mornings, I decided to start writing again. I began by seeing if I could write a complete novel. So I sat down for a couple hours each Saturday of the month of April. I had written some short stories/novellas when I was in junior high and high school, but never a full-length novel. After 150,000+ words in one month, I had a complete novel. It made me realize that maybe I could do the writing thing after all.

Five years, two kids, three cats, and a Ph.D. later, I am still writing and have three completed manuscripts and twice as many started (a couple near finished). I try my best to find time each week to write, but now I find more and more that I need to spend time editing. To improve my writing, I am back to reading lots and getting ideas and better understanding how to craft a story people will enjoy.

When I am not writing, I am normally working at my job as a scientist or playing with my two wonderful children. If I get any amount of free time I like to bake, garden, and sew. (yes, I know- such a mom life, but I had liked to do those before I had children). I continue to enjoy writing and love the motivation my husband gives me to try to make it in the writing world. I may need a harder shell, but with his support, I just might be able to do this.


Current Publications:

To Stand Beside Her (Jan 2013)

The Legend of the Blue Eyes (March 2013)

Becoming a Legend (June 2013)

Winning the Legend (August 2013)

Carnelian (January 2014)

The Day Human Prince (April 2014)

Chrysoprase (June 2014)

The Day Human King (October 2014)

Aventurine (April 2015)

The Day Human Way


The Witchling Apprentice

The Wendigo Witchling

The Witchling Seer



When is the next book coming out?

That will always be the hundred dollar question. I plan to keep writing and going on all the novels I have in the works, but sometimes I have to wait for other factors (editor, cover designs, money……) While I plan to publish four novels this year, I am a bit of an overachiever, so hopefully it will only be a couple months or less between books and not years.

What are you working on now?

I am always working on something. I work best when multitasking, so there are always several novels in the works. While editing one book, I’ll be writing another- that way I don’t get bored with just doing one thing too long. Each process of writing can be tedious and nerve-racking if done too long.

Where do you get ideas for your stories?

I am one of those- I dreamt it last night people. I have, as long as I can remember, dreamt very vivid dreams that I remember upon waking. Even sometimes I can control the dream if I am semi-awake. It is very surreal. Sometimes those ideas lead to stories. Sometimes I even dream several dreams with the same characters and then it definitely becomes a story.

Do you plan to write outside of YA/ NA genre?

Not at the time. I have several (as in over a dozen) novels planned out that are all YA/ NA. Not that adult fiction isn’t fun to do also, it is just that I gravitate towards stories of growing up. Maybe it is being surrounded by undergrads all the time that brings that out, but whatever it is, I love growing up stories.

What books do you recommend and who inspires you to write?

I’d have to say every book I read, I’d recommend as I don’t read a book past the first few pages unless it keeps me wanting more. Every single one of those authors inspire me. Knowing how much goes into writing a book, makes each of those people amazing in that they accomplished it.

So who are you in real life?

I am an early thirty-something-year-old mother of two very young children (youngest isn’t even two yet). During the week, I spend every morning until lunch time (I get up before the sun all the time) in a biology lab. I do basic molecular research on cells. I have several undergrads that I train every year and show how exciting science can be as I LOVE what I do.  I spend the rest of my day running around picking up after my kiddos, playing with them, doing chores of laundry, cooking, cleaning. The whole mom thing. And then in the very little free time I have, I write.

What is one thing no one knows about you?

I actually found out when I was in grad school that I am a bit dyslexic. My thesis committee member was pointing out something written wrong in my thesis and just could not see it. No matter how I read it, it didn’t look wrong the way he was saying. After thinking more about it, I have times where words just seem wrong to me. I will be reading along and suddenly words as small and as common as ‘the’ seem wrong. It is a strange feeling. Most of the time, going away for a bit and returning helps. I never had trouble growing up as I have a great photographic memory that got me through school and undergrad without any problems (beyond being constantly criticized for writing things wrong in writing classes- but that didn’t bother me as I always made up for it with creativity points!)

Do you give out review copies?

Yes- gladly. Bloggers and reviewers are the best sources of free advertisement. Just contact me on the contact page- provide you name and blog site or reviewer name on Amazon and how to get back to you. I have very few paperback copies (that disappear fast), so e-books are the most likely book I’ll have to send. If you have an e-reader and a blog or you are just a lover of books and like to review on Amazon- don’t hesitate to ask 🙂