To Stand Beside Her

To Stand Beside Her

To Stand Beside Her

By: B. Kristin McMichael
Published: Jan. 11, 2013
Words: 107,574 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1623147167 (eBook)
978-1481972994 (Paperback)

“To Stand Beside Her” is a young adult/new adult novel set in a medieval fantasy world that follows the exploits of Leila, a beautiful and capable courier, who is forced to give up everything to protect a friend. King Nalick, a young and powerful warrior king with a reputation for ferocity, captures Leila and intends to make her his bride. But how far will he go to stand beside her?

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Leila is a courier. To the people she takes from, she is seen as a common thief; to the people she helps, she is a savior.

Nalick is your typical king. He’s rich, powerful, and always assumed to be right. When Leila crosses paths with King Nalick, she finds herself trapped. In a rush to save her best friend Kay from a prison sentence for a crime Leila committed, Leila trades her hand in marriage in exchange for Kay’s freedom.

Tomboy Leila does not want to grow up, but in three months’ time, she will be married to King Nalick, if Nalick can keep his end of the bargain. First, Nalick must make Leila fall in love with him, a hard task since Leila is not ready to love again after losing her first love to a greedy king. Second, Nalick must keep her safe. He is not the only king trying to hold onto her. Leila has made many enemies over the years, and even more admirers that want her as a prize. Lastly, Nalick must convince Leila that ten years of love is better than a lifetime without. Unless Leila can trust her destiny, she might not reach her wedding day at all.


“Finishing this book was probably one of the saddest moments, but happiest moments. Bittersweet is definitely not a strong enough word for this novel. B. Kristin McMichael made me laugh, smile, cringe, and cry.” Bethany@YA Vixens, Reading Vixens

“It’s a nice love story with a sad twist of fate” Christina@ The librocubicularist


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