Interview with Cidney Swanson, author of Rippler and Chameleon

Cidney SwansonLast week I reviewed Rippler and Chameleon by Cidney Swanson and as a follow up here is a short interview with her that she kindly did with me. If you want to know more about Cidney or her books, visit her website at

I’d say your first two books in The Rippler series are a mixture of science, history, and travel- are these all interests of yours?

Cidney: I am completely fascinated by history! I’m not surprised it shows! I also love to travel, and I took crazy notes and pictures when I visited the places that show up in my books. As for science, well, I’m married to a scientist. I am always bugging him with questions about plausibility and possibility!

Are the diary entries inspired by anything your read about history or purely made up for the story?

Cidney: I wish I could say it was all pure fantasy. Unfortunately, a quick google will show you that heinous things were done as so-called “research” by Nazis before and during the second world war. I just imagined what my character would have done, given the power and opportunity.

Do you have a background in writing beyond the books you’ve currently published?

Cidney: I began writing stories when I was seven. I started on a novel when I was eight. I wrote an entire page before I got distracted. 😀 But seriously, I’ve always written in one form or another since I was little. Rippler is my first published novel.
I see you have released the third book in the series recently, anything coming up next?
Cidney: Yes! I have a couple of books in various stages of development, and I plan to have a release this summer. If you want to be sure to catch that when it happens, get on the New Release list for automatic notifications on, um, new releases!
Thanks so much for the opportunity to visit!
Thanks Cidney!

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