Chrysocolla audiobook available now!

The narrated version of Chrysocolla is available now! With the release of Chrysocolla, all four books in The Chalcedony Chronicles are available at major audiobook retailers!


Chrysocolla (The Chalcedony Chronicles #4)

Mari’s past and present are not set in stone. Everything keeps changing, and try as she might, her future isn’t what it’s meant to be. At least not yet. Logan has not given up hope of winning her over, and Seth refuses to let him win. Mari must make choices and fight for the future she wants, but that is easier said than done. Every time she feels they have made the right choice, another problem arises. Can Mari outlast Logan? Can Mari find a way to make sure her future is the one she wants?


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Chrysocolla Audible

Chrysocolla Audiobook

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