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Devin’s story is finally out!! It’s a little later than planned, but I wanted it to be the best I could give you with an extra proofing. For those of you who have read The Blue Eyes Trilogy – this book picks up right where the last one left off- but this time we get to follow Devin and find out what happens to him when Arianna no longer needs him.
I first envisioned just a book to tie up Devin’s story, but there ended up being so much more to tell that it will be three books. The first of the trilogy will be out this weekend at a special price through April 13th. So help me celebrate a new tale and get a good deal. Below is the summary.
Thanks for all the support and I hope everyone enjoys Devin’s tale.
Book One of The Day Human Trilogy

Book One of The Day Human Trilogy


Devin Alexander grew up as the only day human in a world surrounded by night humans who drank blood, sometimes his blood. He spent his life training toward one goal: the protection of one of those blood drinkers, Arianna Grace. But what is he supposed to do when the blue-eyed girl of the legends doesn’t need him anymore? What does his life mean then? How is a guy supposed to move on when the girl he has yearned over for a decade has chosen someone else?

Before he can even start to figure out his new life without Arianna, Devin has to deal with another problem. He needs to take care of some unfinished business with a night human he has known for less than a month, but with whom he is magically bound.

Vanessa McKinny has promised that she knows a way to undo the spell she placed on Devin to save his life. Devin would do anything to break the bond to be free of her, even if it means traveling to the sidhe village, a place inhabited by a race of night humans that has not had a day human visitor in more than a hundred years. If he doesn’t want to get stuck, he must work with Nessa to find a way to break the bond. Only then can Devin have time to get back to finding his new goal in life, unless he discovers that his path lies with the sidhe.


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