Getting back to the world of writing and reading

After taking an unexpected forced break- I am getting back to the world of writing. If you were in contact with me in September (or I am sending you a book- yes that means you Sara- they are on their way- I promise!!) and you have not heard back from me, don’t feel afraid to contact me again. I literally put my life on hold for over a month. First I was very sick with a flu like bug for almost two weeks, and then we had an unexpected loss that I am still trying to cope with. It is funny how you can try to plan every little detail as much as you want, but life will do what it wants. Also it is hard to grasp how when you are going through a loss and time feels like it stops- somehow it just keeps going. Suddenly you wake up to the world and find a month has past. Thank you everyone that has read and reviewed my books in the past two months. I didn’t get a chance to thank everyone as they came in, so thanks. So if you are still waiting to hear back from me- send me a message. It probably got lost in the hundreds of emails I got when I checked out on the world for a while.

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