12/20 Latest Reads: The Stained Series by Ella James


Stained, Stolen, Chosen, and Exalted by Ella James

I will have to say that I actually had this book downloaded on my e-reader for a long while. I download books if the premise sounds good, but once they end up on my e-reader, it is cover that makes me at least open the cover. Needless to say, I didn’t open this one as it didn’t draw me in as much as the other books I have. So I went to UTOPYAcon this year and saw Ella James on a panel. When I went back to check for books by people I saw and those I met there, I found I had her book and decided to give it a try. I read the whole book and then had to continue with the next two also! I was impressed with her books and liked them enough to read the whole series right away. In this industry you need a bit of luck- but you also have to have a book worthwhile. This series was for sure worthwhile to read!

While I was a little confused at first- jumping right into the action and all, I easily got adjusted and continued on reading easily. Julia was a fun character to read and cheer for and Cayne was the perfect hero looking for redemption. The tale progresses from Stained where Julia is trying to learn about who she is and what her birthmark means to Stolen where she meets other like her, but none of them have a problem with being kidnapped like she does. Her escape is not as easy as she thinks and she has less control over her future than she think as she finds out more about herself and her fate in Chosen and by the end we are cheering her on to making her own ending and not the one planned for her in Exhaulted. Four great reads from a great author.

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