Latest reads: Beautiful Monster by Bella Forest and Vamped by Lucine Driver

I guess this was vampire week….. I happened to read two very different vampires tales- both good reads and both very different from each other.


Beautiful Monster by Bella Forest

Easy and fun read. This was a vampire story, but set at an acting school. I was a much different feel than many of the books I have read lately. The focus being on her acting and enjoying the new world she was in as much as her romance and Liam. Very well balanced tale- not completely about the supernatural. It was a fun change of pace. Forest writing is easy to follow and a nice flowing story. I would recommend any of her books for how easy it was to get into the story and to read.


Vamped by Lucienne Diver 

This is a fun vamp tale with vampires that actually act like classic vampires but set in the current world. I had mixed feelings for the main character- sometimes she could be so annoying and others you were right beside her cheering for her. Guess she was more teenage like than most characters I read because that is real life- you like them one moment and not the next (this goes for adults interacting with teens and teens interacting with teens). I really liked the book until the last three pages- ugh- I am so over the cliff hanger in YA. I thought this was a good book on its own and didn’t need a catch to keep the audience. Even without a cliff hanger- I feel people would read more.

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