Latest Reads: Displaced by JF Jenkins and Chasing Atlantis by Kelly Coughlin

Displaced (The Achlivan Cycle) by JF Jenkins

This was a sci-fi read so a fun change of pace from all my paranormal/urban fantasy reads. The premise is Chevelle get taken by an alien race along with her friend Wicken and superstar Timber. She has to pretend to be together with Timber while still searching for Wicken. It is a mystery type of novel as you really don’t know why the aliens took people by force yet let them life quite comfortably. You find out in the end as the cliffhanger is set. This book jumped view points from all three characters- which I normally don’t like, but it worked here. You got to see more of Wicken’s tale since he was missing for more than half the book and Chevelle was worried about him. Fun sci-fi alien read.


Chasing Atlantis by Kelly Coughlin

Back into urban fantasy for a bit, who can turn down a possible merman tale? This first person tale does not just have mermen/maids but also dragons and vampires. It was a bit of supernatural all thrown together- though the tale focused more on Amy and Ty and her lost memories of him. We are left wondering along with her what is missing. As thing progress, they just get weirder, but you don’t pick up a merman tale expecting it to be normal- so it worked well. I enjoyed this book and reading Ty and Amy’s tale- I wonder what was missing from her past. Now that would make a good secondary book to go along with this one. (I will admit that I got this book free during a promo and was surprised to find the kindle edition cost over $10)

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