11/22 Latest Reads: Sacrified in Shadow, Oaths of Blood, Ruled by Steel by SM Reine

SM Reine was so nice to give me her books to read and review. I fell bad it took me so long to get these posted…. Somehow this fall, life got in my way of everything, but thankfully I am getting back on track- so without further ado here is the Ascension Series


Sacrificed in Shadow (#1) (The Ascension Series)

Combing two series. I will say I did hold off reading this as I wanted a little bit of a background with the character Elise- so I went out and got the first three books of Reine The Descent Series and got a bit of a background on Elise. It was fun to get into a novel that combined both Elise and Rylie. It has to be fun for an author to have characters meet each other- even if they are technically on different sides (I mean Rylie isn’t bad, but her being a werewolf is technically seen as bad). Fun read and happy to be back in the world of Elise and Rylie ….

I will mention what is nice with Reine’s writing is that even if you just read a book or two of hers, you can pick this series up and get into it. It is nice to have the whole backstory, but you can miss parts and still really enjoy these books.

Oaths of Blood (#2) (The Ascension Series)

Story continues as Seth and Rylie go to meet with Elise again. And Elise is called on to save the world- for like the umpteenth time. Gosh, does this girl ever get a break??!! All the drama is not just being caused by the end of the world but the struggles of both Rylie and Elise. The ending sucked- not that it was a bad ending, I just hate to see something happen to any character you meet so often….. Fun quick read for me and on to the third already.

Ruled by Steel

More adventure and action as the story continues. We get a deeper look at Hell here as Elise fights from one side to save earth from the demons. It was hard to picture Elise without a sword in hand and it was fun to see even the character have trouble without her handy sword. I completely enjoyed this book and can’t wait to find out what happens next. (I actually was reading another book when I started this one, and I put it aside to read this one)

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