Neverworld by E Racine, Searching for Arthur by Donna Hosie, The Breeders by Katie French

Neverworld by E Racine

Samantha and Charley end up in an unknown world and are going on an adventure to find her mother. This was an adventure jumping from one adventure to the next. It is a pirate tale in an unknown world. I found the read enjoyable and think even teens as young 12 or 13 would love this book- I know I would have at that age- but then again, I always wanted to try out a pirate ship (until I grew up to dislike boats!!)


Searching for Arthur by Donna Hosie

Ahh- a King Arthur tale….. just the description had me. I have been a King Arthur fan since I was about ten. And there is something about the tales of King Arthur- you can read everyones own take and it is still fun. I have found recently that rewriting fairytale has become common, but even then, you know how they all end and I find them a bit hard to read. But something about King Arthur always draws me back in. This story actually takes place after Arthur’s fated battle where he was mortally wounded. It was a fun new take. And Titch was a great heroine and just how any modern day woman should be if they were thrown back in time- ready to learn how to kick-butt, not be the damsel in distress. It was a fun read and I see that the other has several more already in the series. If you are a King Arthur fan- go give it a try.

The Breeders by Katie French

The description of this book got me when it was free. It sounded creepy but I figured I’d give it a try. It actually wasn’t as creepy as it was a tale of a post-apocolyital world. The US reverted back to wild west standards and we followed the main character as she tried to rescue and keep her family safe- with the major catch being that she was female in a world were no females were being born naturally.

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