Review: Existence by Abbi Glines

Review: Existence by Abbi Glines

Pagan sees souls and most of the time she ignores them- until one talks to her. Not only does he talk, he saves her life. What could Death want from her and can you really change your destiny?

 I found this was an easy read and everything progressed fast enough to draw me in and keep me reading. I was completely drawn into the story. Sometimes when I read a book, it doesn’t get me hooked right away or it slows down and I get bored and start skimming it. This one did neither which was nice for a change. From the beginning, you find yourself immersed in a world and easily going along with it.

AHHHHH- FINALLY!!! a properly written cliffhanger- other authors should take note here. I have complained time and time again that authors are writing incomplete books. In fact it is more or less the norm in YA lit to go ahead and not finish the story so that you can sell more books. This is the way to write a cliffhanger. Nothing in the story was left untold. The main resolution happens. We get a little afterward to see everything is working okay. Good-happy feelings at the end of the book and then… wham. The last sentence doesn’t unravel the story but makes you want to read more. The cliffhanger does not detract from the story that just ended well. Good job on the cliffhanger.

It was a good read. The only detail I can’t get over is the name Dank- Dank??!! I have a hard time pictures a heart throb named that. I’d rather just call him death. Even so, I already went and got the next two.They are only 99 cents, so that was a no brainer since I liked how this one read. Can’t wait to see what the cliff hanger means…..

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