Review: Incendiary by Amy Bartol

Review: Incendiary by Amy Bartol

Evie finally gets to meet her father, and it is not the reunion any father or daughter would like to have. Evie knows him and the two other seraphim that come with him. Evie is still fighting to keep away from Brennus, but now she has her father trying to call the shots. To make matters worse, her father is trying to remove her friends and the only family she has by replacing them.

I like all the new complicationsthings get much more complicated when we find out who her father is and the memories she has of him from high school. Evie has known her father all along! Then there is the complication of Russell meeting his apire, and Brennus not giving up. Evie’s life just keeps getting more complicated.

Now the only question is, how is this going to end…. or will it be more than the next book.

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