Review: Intuition and Indebted by Amy Bartol

Review: Intuition and Indebted by Amy Bartol

Evie has come to accept that she loves Reed though Russell is her soulmate- Russell is not as accepting. But when push comes to shove again, Evie does everything she can think of to save her friends, including running away with Russell. Unfortunately she is not ready for the world when a group of undead fairies take her and plan to make her into their queen.

Russell added another depth to the story. We get to see things from Russell’s point of view. I liked this and he was always my favorite character in the first book. I like him as a character and loved to see it through his eyes. The Gancanagh- vampire like fairies- need I say more. Weird concept but loved the characters- Irish with thick Irish accents that made you chuckle. They enjoyed Evie even when she was rebelling.

Once you get past the part of the book where Evie is fawning all over Reed and how perfect he is, the book gets better. Actually, once you meet the undead fairies, it gets much better. I read the first almost a year ago and glad I finally picked up the rest.

In the second book Evie becomes the queen of the wild things when she saves Russell and Brownie by bargaining with Brennus. Now he is doing his best to be nice to her to keep her around as his queen without turning her undead. At the same time, Reed and her friends are trying to get her back. Unfortunately, they are not the only creatures trying to get her.

AHHHH BrennusHe was refreshing to the whole scenario- yes, he kidnaps her but he is doing his best to get Evie to see grey. The world is not black and white like the angels make it out to be- hence the reason they always want to kill Evie at first sight. Brennus was a nice addition to make Evie grow as a character. Also I like that the author used the name as Brennus- not Brennen (the latin feminine form of the word- while us is the masculine- which is appropriate for a male character)

I’d say this is the best one so far. It got away from the Twilight-like plot and showed a whole new world with the Gancanagh. I found this one enjoyable.

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