Review: Pantheons by EJ Dabel

Review: Pantheons EJ Dabel

 Isaiah doesn’t’ know his past until he happens upon a school and a principal willing to tell him who his father is, and that would make Isaiah a god, or rather, rather a godling. Now the only question is whether can he get revenge for his mother….

This book has a very comic book aspect- This book reminded me of reading comic books or manga (yes, I am a closet manga reader and my hubby makes fun of me excessively for it). This story was very much like a comic book in that there were tons of descriptions and action. Plots with many subplots and multiple characters- which makes it sound complicated, but it was not.

You could classifly this book as a superhero feeling book with gods as the superheroes. Actually it makes pretty good sense in that an action hero could be a god. Good book for those that like comic books and action/super heroes

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