Week’s Reads: Rua by Miranda Kavi, Spiral by Maddy Edwards, Project ELE by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels

Rua by Miranda Kavi


A COMPLETE STORY LINE- ahh finally. I liked how there was so much that happened- best part was this was a completed storyline: I have been finding that a lot of books think leaving a cliffhanger will get people to buy their next book and few authors try to make a complete story. This was a complete story. The author can make more books that will continue it to some extent, but the story in itself was finished. I VERY MUCH appreciate getting a complete story that leaves you feeling like the tale is complete. This chapter in her life is complete- it doesn’t mean there can’t be more and more can happen, but it was very nicely written. Second- Can I say how much I love the cover- this has to be one of the prettiest covers I have seen in a long time.


Spiral by Maddy Edwards


Unicorns…. need I say more??!! I think every little girl goes through a unicorn phase. An urban fantasy with one was fun to read.The story flowed nicely- good throughout the book. Easy to read and follow. From beginning to end, it built to the ending moment. Nicely paced book for a good read. The author only touched on the surface of the world, and it will be nice to see what is built upon it. Be forewarned that there is no resolution to the story and no second book at this time. When will there be the next one….. waiting……


 Project ELE by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels

Willow has entered the shelter to keep her safe from the increased heat a radiation that is destroying the earth to rid every one of the supervirus that is killing off the humans. To survive, Willow must work (since her family was not well enough off to prepay for the shelter) and make new friends (as not everyone makes it into the shelter). When she finally gets control of her new life, it might be a bit different that she was expecting her years in the shelter to be. The ending made the whole book mean something different, which is fun to be able to look back after you read and go, hmmm. I wonder….. The story was a bit slow to begin with because there was a lot that needed to be explained- why, when, how, etc but got faster as you went along- so keep reading and get to the end twist.

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