Review: Snow, Blood, and Envy by Jean Haus, Robin: Lady of Legend by RM ArceJaeger, and Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

Review: Snow, Blood, and Envy by Jean Haus

Nivi is getting a new mom- unfortunately she is much older than she looks. Soon Nivi finds she is drawn into a world where her new mom covets her and is trying to kill her, yet no one will believe her. Nivi is on the run with a handsome and caring prince charming, but he might not be enough to stop everything even if he does believe her.

This was a fun modern settingthe author does a great job integrating everything into a very modern day NY without making it seem excessively fantasy to do so. This was more an urban fantasy retelling of the story- which was a nice sping. Unfortunantly because most already know the story of snow white, you can guess this will be a happily ever after.

It wasn’t a bad book, but it was predictable. If you can live with knowing it is a fairy tale with a happily ever after, then I can recommend this to you.


Review: Robin: Lady of Legend by RM ArceJaeger

Robin of Locksley does not want to marry the Sheriff of Nottingham. Her alternative choice is to run away to her cousin, the king, palace and ask to be a lady in waiting- nothing she really wants either, but better of the two choices. Unfortunately along the way she becomes an outlaw and a legend at the same time everyone thinks she is a boy.

This story is true to the talesit combines all the elements you expect in a story of Robin Hood. While Robin was a girl the rest of the characters were just as you remember them from your childhood. Each with their own personality and background that the author gave them, but all there none-the-less. Without telling or giving it away, it was left on a bit of a cliff hanger- which I read was not the authors intention. I wonder if there will be a second book.

It was very well written and an enjoyable read. I would recommend it. I read further to see that the author didn’t intend to make a sequel which makes the ending even more confusing.


Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

The assassin Celaena is the pick of the prince to enter into the game to find the assassin for the king. Unfortunately it is the king that had sentenced Celaena to hard labor, so there is not much love between her and her future employer. Between Prince Dorian and Captain Westfal, she is trained and back up to norm in her techniques, but will it be enough to take the position in the competition especially when competitors keep ending up dead?

There was a lot of depth behind the main character. She was an assassin but also a person. It wasn’t that she was crazy happy about killing, but what she had to do to survive. She grew throughout the story and you could see how getting out of prison and kindness shown to her changed her.

It was a nice read and entertaining. I might read other’s but I am moving onto another assassin book next week, some how I keep reading books in two- one assissin to the next one, werewolves in a row….. etc.

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