Review: Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs, The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen, Until I Die by Amy Plum

Review: Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

Medusa was not all the books said she was. She was a warrior and keeper of the gate that allows demons into the real world. Unfortunately, due to jealousy, her reputation was ruined and she was killed. Now her descendants are left to live in her place and fight the bad guys. Too bad only Gretchen knows what her fate is. Grace has just moved to San Francisco and into a unexpected life.

This was a bit of mythology thrown into the paranormal setting. It was a fun read. The overall plot of the story was a fun read. It took me about 1/4 of the book to get into it, but it was a fun tale. Combine mythooogy into modern day through traits passed down through a generation of special girls. I found the multiple first person viewpoints a bit hard to readwhile I liked seeing things from all the action you would miss if you followed only one of the girls- because it was multiple first person, I felt a little like it was a book with multiple personalities.

If you can handle reading one tale from several people’s eyes. Overall the story was fun, but the writing style from so many views was a bit confusing. I found it hard to read and keep straight. That might be why it took 1/4 of the way through to get into it as it took that long to actually care about the narrators.


Review: The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The lost prince has been found, or at least that is what the noble Connor wants people to believe, after he takes in several orphans and plans to refine them to pass off as the prince. One such orphan does not want to be chosen, but there is not much he can do since it is become a false prince or die for options.

The main character made the book. The smart alec main character was fun to read- I liked Sage and all he was doing to disrupt the plans of Connor. He was quite a feisty boy. He made me laugh several times as he spoke from cleverness or stupidity.

If you like books like The Thief- it reads along those lines. It is a medieval like book of hidden kings and such.


Review: Until I Die by Amy Plum

Kate has moved on and is prepared to be with Vincent- no matter his lifestyle. And in turn, he has said he will fight the compulsion to die and try to live with her as normal as he can. Unfortunately they both are seeking answers to make their life together easier. It does not help that the two new revenant residents are not too nice to humans.

I liked Vincent and the revenants: This is a new type of supernatural and we got to see more of it in this novel. (in the first novel we didn’t see as much since Kate didn’t know) They are dead superheroes that get a fix off of helping people. This was an easy read that flowed nice and kept you reading. Quick read for me.

It was okay. I will be reading the third to just know what happened to Vincent.

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