Review: Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis

Review: Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis

Jacque’s life changes when the exchange student shows up and turns out to be her destined soul mate- and more. Little does she know- soul mate means a bit more to the Romanian exchange student and the wolf that he can become at will.

Plot was very romance driven. It takes place over a matter of days and is more about the two main characters getting to know each other more than the little action that takes place. Main character of Jacque has a bit of a temper that is consistent throughout the story. Her and her smart-alec friends are typical of teenage girls. Fane is your typical brooding love absorbed male. It was a very easy read and kept my interest throughout.

I read reviews scathing the author and editors over a terrible edit. I am just your normal, non-English major, reader, and I found that there were only a few typos and they were not distracting enough to keep me from reading further. If the story flows okay, I do not find grammatical errors as distracting as some reviwers obviously do.

 If you want a romance story with a bit of supernatural thrown in, this book will fulfill that. It is free now on amazon, so why not give it a chance?!

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