Review : Rex Rising by Chrystalla Thoma

Review : Rex Rising by Chrystalla Thoma

 Elei is running away and being tracked at every moment. Unfortunately, he has also been shot. Even more unfortunate, the two parasites that coexist in him are fighting for control. Elei must look to complete strangers to help him.

Action is the best word to describe this book. From the opening chapter where the protagonist is on the run with a bullet hole in him, the action does not stop. He continues on through the whole book- almost forcefully pushing the action forward. It is a quick read as you feel like you are just keeping up with him as he continues to move the plot along. I would say compared to many of the books I have read recently, this book has very few main characters. It can be good and bad. Good: you don’t have to learn more people and keep track of tons of people which leads to confusion. Bad: it made the plot towards the end a bit predictable because you were running out of people to suspect.

Being that this was science fiction- I thought I should comment on this. The premise of the novel is that there are parasites that have changed humans- one being stronger than the others creating a race of women that rule the rest. The author did seem to have a great grasp of what is plausible (this coming after a semester studying invertebrate zoology which made me never want to touch anything again). I thought it was nicely written and not to the point of grossing me out- which my class did day after day.

This book is for the science fiction fans.

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