Review: The Between by LJ Cohen

Review: The Between by LJ Cohen

Lydia finds out that she is a faerie – and a powerful one at that. Now both Oberon and Titania are trying to get her to join their side. While it would be easy to assume light is the good guys and shadow are the bad guys, things are always more complicated in faerie. Luckily for Lydia, although she doesn’t understand how to control her power, some things come naturally.

This book had a good pace to it. The beginning quickly grabbed your attention. Lydia was being chased and a creeper (Clive- who turns out to not really be a creeper) is following her. You immediately want to read more and find out why and what is happening. The plot built as more was thrown at Lydia as she met each turn head on in the story. This story seemed to be about choices and, as with real life, there were many times when there was not a right or wrong choice, but just a choice. Lydia had to make decisions and then live by the consequences. Good thing Lydia had a bit of power and could change some of the choices.

This was an enjoyable read. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good YA faerie novel to read.

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