Review: Anathema by Megg Jensen

Review: Anathema by Megg Jensen

Reychel has resigned herself to her fate as a slave. She will be branded and claimed to continue her existence in darkness as she is forbidden to look at the sky. She has known nothing but this fate since she was born. Quickly her eyes are opened to a different world as she is taken along with her best friend from the world of being a slave and she is forced into a new role in life.

This book grabs you right off the start. You are pulled immediately into the story. Sometimes it takes a bit to get into the characters, but you instantly felt for Reychel in her situation. Then there was the intrigue of her friend going missing. It all added up quickly to make you want to read more. It was also a very quick read. It only took me a day to get through the whole book. It moves quickly and keeps you completely engaged to continue reading. I found occasionally there was too much hinting of the plot that could have been left out. I figured out who was getting married quite easily after one of Reychel’s brief cloud readings, which left out would have made more surprise for the book.

This was a good quick read I enjoyed. Those fans of otherworld fantasies will enjoy it.

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