Review : Rippler and Chameleon by Cidney Swanson

 Review : Rippler  and Chameleon by Cidney Swanson

Sam has a problem. She sometimes vanishes into thin air. Luckily for her Will knows a bit of what is going on and offers to help. Maybe together they can figure out why and how it happens. As the story continues Sam and Will find themselves meeting another chameleon/rippler in France while on their school trip. There is much to learn from him, but that must be done while avoiding being captured as Sam is still on Dr. Helga’s hit list. Sam doesn’t get too much time to enjoy the trip because she is attacked physically by the hit man and mentally with all of the new information Sir Walter provides.

I very much liked the science mixed into the fantasy or maybe it was fantasy mixed into the science. I also liked the past mixed into the present. The diary entries were confusing but intriguing, and as more of the story unfolded, it made for a good mix. as the second story continues where the last one left off. It is best to read them close together to not forget details between as with the action going on there is little time left explaining old details too much. Sam and Will push the story forward through their decisions and actions. It keeps going as we get a better glimpse of what a rippler can actually do through Sir Walter.

I thought this book was very well planned with tons of back story. The premise for the rippler syndrome is from Nazi experimentation during the second World War. This led to something, which is not explained in this book but hinted to. I wish there was more of an explanation in this book, but since it is part of a series, I am sure we will find out later.

This was a good read and good to get away from the werewolves vampire paranormal that is currently swamping the YA market.

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