Review: Redemption, Ransom, and Retribution by RK Ryals

Review: Redemption by RK Ryals

 Dayton lives with her aunt- a strict nun at a nunnery. Little does she know that due to her parents, her life is not of her own. There are expectations and sacrifices she is expect to make. Only Day can decide if that is what she wants, or can she?

The only downfall of this book was that it took a bit to get to the main plot of the story for me. Once you get into the action and the secret society, it is much quicker. You just keep turning the pages and not want to set it down. While the first part has some creepy factor to it, living in a church and all that is old, dark, cold- not ideal for any sixteen-year-old, and an aunt that is the epitome of unaffectionate, once you get into the main plot line with Marcus, it gets fairly dark. I am not into horror books and this is not horror, just a bit creepy dark. It was refreshing to have such darkness in a YA paranormal book- too many fill the genre with paranormal creatures in an only slightly scary reality- but more or less not even threatening reality.

I would recommend this book- I thought it was a good read.

Self-pub/Indie Review 34: Ransom  and Retribution by RK Ryals

Dayton want to be unbound to the demon Marcus- or does she? At first her choice is easy. Marcus is a demon. But once the adventure gets going, Day doesn’t know what she wants anymore. Would life truly be better without Marcus? In book 2 Damon is seeking redemption and to do so forces Dayton to break the bond with Marcus- which she now has chosen not to do. Now it is up to Dayton to save the day, but whom is she saving the day for- Marcus, Bezaliel, or herself?

This book explores what is really evil and good and thus defines Marcus and to some extent Dayton as in-between. Dayton is generally good, but she has a terrible time trying to not swear. Marcus is inherently evil but has a soft spot for Dayton. Marcus’ mother is evil to the core. We are now going further into the story, yet it is nice to have new scenery and such rich descriptions. The places visited seemed to enhance and explain their occupants. I liked how they described Lilith’s home the best.

Retribution is the titleof the last book and we are left wondering whose retribution is being sought with Dayton. There is Damon who thinks that by procreating with a demon with the 1/2 angel-1/2 human Dayton, all three worlds would be linked. Marcus who has had his heart crushed by the angel that choose heaven over being cast out for her love to him. And Bezaliel who watch his love, Dayton’s mother, die for creating Dayton. My biggest grievance with this was that it was shorter than the other novels. I would have liked more to be put into the novel since it was a good read and a good story. Some authors you get sick of and can’t wait to finish and this one I wanted more and more.

If you liked the first one, you will like this one also. Needless to say, Dayton’s adventure is not over and there is a third book.



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