Review: The Ultimate Sacrifice by Talia Jager

Review: The Ultimate Sacrifice by Talia Jager

 Kassia has a special gift: she can kill people with her mind. While she tries to accept the most feared gift, Kassia finds herself on the run with her close friends that are also gifted in other ways. Kassia is wanted by both good and bad as her gift can be used to kill any opponent. Kassia is left with a choice- does she want to help good or evil.

While there is a love story within the plot, I found it hard to understand. The characters meet and are instantly together. It was kind of weird. In another part of the story, a character is raped and then there is very little said about it, just a thought here and there. Even the sacrifice confused me. It seemed a little like a deus ex machina. Side plots seemed a bit thrown in for shock value or to keep the main plot going but without any warning or explanation before or after.  this was a well written story. I found that beyond having some problems with side plots, the main plot and action continued well through the book.

I would recommend it.

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