Review: Mind Readers by Lori Brighton, Bound by CK Bryant, Hematite by Stefanie Olar

Review: Mind Readers by Lori Brighton

Cameron has hidden her secret her whole life, but everything changes when she meets Lewis. He shares her secret and offers to tech her the truth- but is that what he really wants?

This book started off and ended very similarly. It made the book feel complete. This is an excellent example how to craft the beginning and ending to leave a reader happy. In both instances, Cameron is telling the reader about her crappy ability, but the ending is more of a hint to what will come. It worked perfectly. This ending was one of the much better endings I have read that still set up a second book. It felt like the majority of the loose ends were finished yet at the same time a small hint was made to make you wonder about the next book. Some authors are very obvious about the next book, but this was very subtle and perked your interest just by one name.

This story was in first person- which is fairly popular right now. It let the author tell the tale but leave tons of mystery since you only get to know what the main character knows. Cameron did not know a lot but learned more on the way. This story built on her knowledge she learned and her ability developing.

Review : Bound by CK Bryant

Kira’s world view changes when she finds out the truth about her best friend. Lydia is not from earth and she and her protective brother are hiding from someone who is trying to kill her. With nothing to lose, Kira joins her friends and becomes a part of their life (as she has been and more since before she even knew). Now she wants to help protect her friend and maybe the life line to do so.

Kira starts as a mousey character (and is even called that by her mother) and grows strong to wanting to fight to save her friend. The essence of YA is growth in the main character and this book accomplishes that. While the author ties up most of the plots, much is left in the air- such as the main character’s fate. I am not a fan of endings that leave you hagnign on the first book.

I would recommend this book to those that like fantasy- it was not exactly high fantasy but going in that direction.

Review : Hematite by Stefanie Olar

Jessica is exiled at boarding school for her own protection. After two new students show up, she finds that her protection includes from creatures she never knew existed. She soon finds she has a past and present filled with tons of secrets.

I liked the book, and it read well until the ending for me. It felt like it was building and building but the ending felt very¬†sudden for me. I know this is a series, but as I have commented before, there needs to be a cohesive feeling and somewhat an ending, even when planning a sequel. It felt like the ending was very abrupt. This made the story feel incomplete. I hate to be left hanging waiting for another book….. and for 99cents I would buy the next book also.

I thought it was a good read and for 99cents not bad.

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