Review : All Hallows’ Moon, Long Night Moon, and Grey Moon Rising by SM Reine

Review: All Hallows’ Moon, Long Night Moon, and Grey Moon Rising¬†by SM Reine

All Hallows Moon (Seasons of the Moon, #2)Starting over after becoming a werewolf is hard to do if your hunter boyfriend and his family move to town. Rylie tries to make things work, but Seth’s mother is too set to destroy the wolf in town no matter what her son thinks or wants.

Reines style¬†again was an easy read. I enjoy a book that is easy to follow and the author answers all your questions as they come up. In this story Seth’s mother is the villain and to some extent his brother Abel. We are introduced to the villain at the beginning of the story and then Rylie has to outsmart her at the end. I could almost call this a stand alone novel. A reader could read this one without reading the first or third and understand it completely. This is not often the case with second novels.

In book 3 Something is killing people in town and Rylie soon finds that she is not the only werewolf in her small town. Rylie lets Abel lure her into hunting and looking for the cause of these new murders. Are the new people there to help or hurt Rylie?

As with the first two books, book 3 is also a easy read. The story flowed well and built to the ending. You got a few little hints along the way to the plot but nothing until towards the end that was very obvious. This book was the last of the supposed series but I find that is not the case. The current tale of Rylie living on a ranch with her aunt is done, but there is so much left unsaid by the end of this novel.

By book 4 Something is pulling all the werewolves together at Gray Mountain. Rylie has fears about going back but once her friend and fellow wolf leave for the mountain, Rylie, along with Abel and Seth travel back to where it all began to either finish or start anew.

This book completes the story of Rylie and Seth. While the last one ended with a complete story, the story of Seth a Rylie was not finished and left on a bit of a cliff hanger. This book wraps up Seth and Rylie’s story and also wraps up the story of the wolves at the same time. It was a good finish to all the loose ends throughout the four novelsI’d say the best draw of these books is that Reine’s style of writing was very easy to read and easy to get into. As the fourth of the series, it was even easier to get into as you knew all the main character already.

Over all a great werewolf series.

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