Review : Winter’s Awakening by Karen Luellen

Review: Winter’s Awakening by Karen Luellen

Meg, along with her brother’s find out the reason they were homeschooled and kept from the world. For their entire lives, they have been hunted by a lab that created them to be super humans. Their mother saved them, yet now it is time to return the favor.

This book was different in that all the chapters jumped around from different points of view. There was the view point of Margo, Meg, Mr. Williams and they switched between first person with Meg to third person with everyone else. I was a very different style book that took some reading to get into and to not be distracted by all the switching.

This story was nicely written. I did find some times for the plot line to be a bit choppy- as in the action was building but then something happened that didn’t seem right or was too predictable- and at other times everything flowed well and was set up good.

For a first book it was not bad and I would recommend this for people that like sci-fi.

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