Review: Whisper by Chelsea M. Cameron, Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley) by Faith McKay, Heir to the Underworld by ED Walker

Review: Whisper by Chelsea M. Cameron

Anna can hear the dead and finds that she needs to help them on their way. When a new dead guy named Jack comes along, he does not want to be helped on his way and instead makes plan to stick around for a long time. Unfortunately for Anna, there is the problem that Jack becomes more and more appealing the longer he stays. When she is found talking to thin air, her parents medicate and threaten to institutionalize her.

There were several plot lines threaded together in this story. First off is the relationship between Anna and Jack and learning the truth of her abilities. Second is the spirit Tracey that wants Anna to help get closure in her past life. And third is the way the parents and one friend deal with Anna and her strange ability. Everything is meshed together nicely to keep the plot going well throughout the book.

I would have to say some of the plot was predictable. I knew from one of the first meeting with Tracey, who hit her. But also the author worked predictability into the story to strengthen it. The parents for one did the most predictable thing I think a parent would do if their daughter said she talked to dead people- sent her to a psychologist. While predictable it was realistic at the same time!

If you like ghost type stories- especially for those that like the TV show Ghost Whisperer- this is the book for you.

Review : Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley) by Faith McKay

 Sam has spent her childhood moving on the whims of her crazy abusive mother. Once in their new home though, the moving is over when Sam finds out more truths about her and her sister than she ever could imagine.

The seaonals were a new theme/paranormal and everything fitting together was new and unique. It was fun to have a new type of paranormal to read about (sometimes youjust get sick of all the vampires/werewolves/faeries/angels). I loved that Sam thought like a teen.  While Sam had to be mature for her age- she still acted like a teen. her reaction to situations and everything around her was very teen like. Many books put the teens in more adult situations and make them act adult like in their thoughts, but Sam was a very believable teenager. My only cringe moment was the abuse. I am not really for anything with abuse in it and though I know it was the background of the character, it still made me cringe.

The pacing of this book is more mystery than adventure, so know that going in- it was a good read and solid first novel for the author.


Review: Heir to the Underworld by ED Walker

Freddy has met someone who is drop dead gorgeous. Unfortunately she finds out that she would have had an easier life if she had not met him being that he is the son of Hades, Greek god of the underworld. Now Freddy find herself caught as a pawn in a game of gods.

This book combines Celtic and Greek gods. This sounds like it could be disaster, but I thought it worked well together.  I would have to say, I was happy to see who her father Collin turned out to be. I started to guess a few chapters before. Of all my Celtic myths I’ve read, he was always my favorite.  Some of the others I had not heard of before and some I had. So it was a nice large mixture of people that all meshed well together.

I would recommend this to people that like mythology in their stories. It was a unique read and easy to follow.


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