Review: Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout

Review: Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout

Katy has a problem- her handsome jerk of a neighbor is the twin to her new best friend. That’s not her only problem. Her neighbors are not exactly human.

Again I am a sucker for the bad boy. The main love interest Daemon is actually a complete jerk- yet good at verbal sparring. I personally like when characters don’t get along- too sappy when they fall in love at first sight. This book was filled with tension between the main character and her love interest. Tension because she is trying to figure out what they are, tension as he tries to keep her out of their world, tension as they are being hunted by other aliens. Basically it never slows down. This was unique from the urban fantasy genre in that we are thrown into a story with aliens. I appreciate the differences and not seeing werewolves or vampires (though I don’t mind those too much either) Aliens creep me out a bit but as long as he stayed human, I didn’t mind.

In the second book Katy is now connected to Daemon because he saved her life. She starts to develop powers and finds that the Arum aliens are actually the least of the problems. They now have the department of defense coming on strong to find out what they can’t even yet explain.

As in any YA romance type novels, there was an added third party. I was suspicious of him from the beginning so there was no surprise by the end. There is never a YA book where the third party wins in the contest. While we don’t get to see as much of the relationship between Katy and Daemon- what we do see is as conflicting as ever. Daemon is trying to be nice but obviously the boy doesn’t know how to be nice. It makes for a lot of conflict but a good read.

I thought this book the main character Katy was much more less assured of herself. I liked the stand-up to aliens girl she was in the first book, but here she has human to deal with and doesn’t really do well. I’d rather have the strong, not need to depend on Daemon, girl back- even if she gets together with him. Daemon did not change and has remained a smart-ass.

Good book if you like the whole urban fantasy genre and romance.

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