Review : Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell

 Review : Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell

After the end of the first book, Scout is hospitalized and barely surviving as her world crumbles beneath her. While it would be easy to sit in her world of hurt, life throws her back into the shifter world. Scout has to depend on the two people who once meant the world to her but who she now despises to help her along in her new life.

The author is dealing with a paranormal plot line yet makes the reader feel very much a part of this fantasy world. Reading along makes you feel like it could happen to anyone and it feels very realistic. The book is very well paced and continues clicking along until you find yourself at the end. As with most secondary books in trilogies, the end comes way to fast leaving you wanting to read the third immediately. I like to have a bit of plot line finished up by the time I find myself at the end of a book.

Again, I would recommend this author and series. I will be waiting for the third to be released this fall.


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