Review : Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle

Review : Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle

Nara has lived her life knowing exactly what her next day will bring- that is- until she decides to change the outcome. Now fate has to try to redo what was meant to happen. Fate does not know that in doing so it pushes Nara closer to Ethan, someone who is almost as different as Nara as he hides his own secrets.

From the beginning it had me intrigued. I cannot picture what I would do if I could see the future a day in advance. Nara kept me reading all along wondering what she would do next. Also I am curious to read more and find out more of Ethan’s back story.  Nara was a good main character. It was nice to see her have to adjust to being “normal” without her dreams,, and it was also nice to see that she would do just fine without them- even being a goalie for her soccer team. A lot of these fantasy books make the main character nothing without their ‘special’ power and though Nara thought she’d be nothing, she was as capable with or without her power. Ethan was your typical bad boy with a past. Why do girls always go for the bad boy?!

I picked this up for 99cents and it was worth the read. I enjoyed it.

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  1. Allycal says:

    The book sounds interesting and the girls go for the bad boy, for I always think they can save him from his own darkness perhaps when it comes out in spanish, and i got the leere trilogy Garth Nix. Sorry if you do not understand use the google translator I do not speak english

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