Review : Inescapable: The Premonition Series by Amy Bartol

Review : Inescapable: The Premonition Series by Amy Bartol

Evie’s first year in college takes a lot of twists and turns after she meets not only one, but two love interests. While Russel is comfortable and charming, Reed is alluring and hiding answers Evie desperately seeks. As Evie changes, Reed reveals answers – or more so agrees with Evie’s new understanding. But nothing they can do will stop the predictions she has dreamed for months even before she went off to college.

This was a well written story that progressed nicely. The plot was easy to follow yet had twists and turns to keep you reading.  The characters were very well developed and you could easily picture each one. They stayed true to themselves throughout the story. Unfortunately the plot line fell into the three way girl liked by two boys that has been tremendously popular since Twilight came out. Reality being that any girl would love to have two gorgeous boys fighting over her, so I doubt the plot line will go away any time soon.

Good read and the next ones are even better….

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  1. Allycal says:

    Hi Kristin, heard the book very interesting, I love to read it, but i doubt that soon comes to spanish. Greetings

  2. bkristin says:

    yes and from what i can find it costs alot to hire a translator to translate your books into another language.

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