UPDATES: Book 2 of the Blue Eyes Trilogy

I have finished reading/editing the second book in the Blue Eyes trilogy for probably the tenth time.

The question I have been getting now is, when is book 2 coming out?

I’ve been working on book 2 since book 1 was with the editor. I finished the first draft in less than a month and have been rewriting and editing since. I’d love to release it tomorrow, but it is a process and takes time. I want to give the best product I can, so it will be a little wait. I am hoping for a June release date after it goes to the editor in May. I am also hoping to get book 3 out by this fall….. once we set a date, I can’t wait to show everyone the great cover I got for the second book done again by Ravven.

As for my current books out there, reviews are coming in for both books- with goodreads having the majority of the reviews up. I sincerely appreciate every review and rating and thank everyone who has taken the time to read and review my books. Thank you! You can’t imagine how much I appreciate every person willing to give my books a chance!

If you haven’t read The Legend of the Blue Eyes, you’ve got a couple of months to catch up.


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