Updates: Book 3 of the Blue Eyes Trilogy

Book 3 coming along……. and here’s a sneak peak……

So just to update everyone, Book 3 of the blue eyes trilogy, Winning the Legend, is written and going through edits and formatting right now as I type this. I don’t have an official date yet chosen to release the book, but we are aiming for the end of the month (I’d like to get it to you guys as soon as I can, but I want to make sure it gets all the proper editing to make it the best possible book I can get out there). I can’t wait to see how people like the ending and maybe a possible spin off series featuring several of the characters from the third book…..

Here’s a little sneak peak of chapter 6 and one of the new players in the game to win Arianna:

The men were all vying for the empty spots around her now. All Arianna thought of was the childhood game of musical chairs. Everyone walking around chairs, and when the music stopped, you’d have to sit down. Arianna was trying not to giggle, as it was about to turn into a game of who could snag the last three chairs. Arianna had to hold back from humming to herself sensing the men around her. Andrew wasn’t as amused, even though he got the gist of what she was thinking.

‘Do you know how hard it is for me to not jump up and rip the throat out of each and every man here?’ Andrew complained as he stabbed at his own pancakes. Having company at their table wasn’t helping his already bitter mood.

‘Three weeks,’ Arianna pleaded, drinking her orange juice to help ease the giggle that was going to come out if the men kept eyeing the empty chairs at the table.

‘Three weeks of hell,’ Andrew muttered and finally began eating instead of just killing his pancakes. ‘And I’m not the only one thinking that.’ Andrew nodded across the room where Devin watched Arianna’s every move and the men circling around her. Devin was almost as close as Andrew to losing it.

“Any hints of what’s to come?” Rhys asked, trying to start a conversation with Arianna and break her away from her silent conversation with Andrew. Andrew wasn’t in a position of power within the baku clan, so very little was known about him by the other men. The most they deduced was that he was her personal guard.

“Any chance you guys could all just go back to where you came from?” Arianna replied, a bit resentfully. Small talk with any of the competitors was going to be hard to handle, even if they were coming off as friendly.

“Ouch,” Rhys pretended to be offended, though he was not. “That’s a bit harsh.”

“Being treated like an object, and not a human, isn’t?” Arianna didn’t really want to get into debating the issue of the competition with anyone. She had already resolved herself to her fate when she agreed to it to begin with.

“Touché.” Rhys’ retainer leaned over and said something to him to make him stop trying to talk to her. “Can’t blame a man for trying. By the way, princess,” Rhys added toning down his words to a whisper just for her. “I’m not here to win you over, just to make a show for my people that I tried. I have no intentions of making a woman marry me when she doesn’t want me.” Rhys was interrupted as his retainer dragged him off to the corner of the room.

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