Updates Feb 21, 2014

Two exciting updates to tell everyone about.

First off, my book “The Legend of the Blue Eyes” will be coming out in March in an audio book. I believe it will be mid- or late March that it will be up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. We have an amazing voice actress who is hard at work getting it all recorded for us. We had not considered an audio book when we started our publishing journey, but once we looked into it, we ended up with several auditions to choose from. I have not listened to it, but my hubby said it sounds great. (I’m still trying to get over having fans read my writing- I don’t know if the weird feeling will ever go away. People want to read my books?? What?? No way!!- at least that is how is goes in my head when I get reviews and requests for my books. It’s even weirder to hear a stranger read my words back to me in an audiobook.)

The second exciting bit of news is that the first book of Devin’s spin off trilogy is with the editor. We are getting ready to release The Day Human Prince in late March. For all those Devin fans out there- yes, he gets a spinoff, and it isn’t just one book. I figured he needs his own trilogy. The cover was made by Ravven, and I am so excited to show everyone!! She did the covers for The Blue Eyes Trilogy and this one is just as great. The cover reveal is through YA Bound Book Tours and will be on Feb 28th. In just one week I get to hear what everyone thinks of my latest cover. I can’t wait to show everyone!!

PS: I am hard at work on Chrysoprase (the second book in The Chalcedony Chronicles) for all you Seth and Mari fans. I promise it will be out this summer….. can’t wait to get that out there for everyone too. I wish the day had more time and I could spend hours writing every day!!


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