UPDATES: Reached 100 ratings on goodreads

Yeah!! I reached 100 ratings between my two books on goodreads (actually more if you count friends ratings, which goodreads does not) I am amazed and so thankful for everyone that has taken the time to read and rate/review my books. I know everyone suggest you shouldn’t read reviews and reading the bad reviews is hard, but I actually still am new enough at this to enjoy reading the reviews (even the bad ones). I never pictured doing anything like this or having anyone actually read my books…. not even my hubby, who has now read both of them. This is all very new and exciting. I love to hear what people think and who they like/dislike in the books. As I write away on the next book, I even think about what people have said. The trilogy if far from over, and I can’t wait to hear what people think of the next book also!

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