Review: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Aislinn is able to see faeries but must ignore their constant harassment of humans. This becomes a problem when she becomes the target of the Summer King Keenan. He tries to woo her to his vision of power while she tries to retain her humanity. The question is who will win.

This fast paced book kept the flow throughout the book. The first venture into following Keenan’s side of the story tripped me up, but it easily became part of the writing and into the flow to see the rest of the story progressing. I dont know why but I found myself wanting her to end up with Keenan mainly because there was not as much depth to Seth.




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  1. Jenn B-H says:

    I enjoyed some books more than others in the Wicked Lovely series. It’s definitely a take or leave kind of series where if you like it the first time around you may be invested enough to continue on for the five books in the series. I was.

  2. bkristin says:

    I read the online blurb on the second book and it did not seem to interest me as much as it looked like it moved on with new characters. I think I might skip ahead and read the third- which looks like it will be back to Aislinn and Seth.

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