Review: Eon and Eona by Alison Goodman

Review:  Eon  and Eona by Alison Goodman

The twelve-year-old boy Eon has one goal- become the next Dragoneye apprentice. He doesn’t let the fact that he is crippled mare his determination, nor the fact that he is actually a girl acting as a boy trying to get into a profession girls are not allowed to do. When the time comes, she finds that her hidden identity may be the key. A continuation of the story Eon, we finally find Eona embracing the fact that she along with her dragon are both female and the necessary piece to end the pain of the dragons.

Completely new plot helps drive the story (as does most action-fantasy YA novels). The book has a very entertaining set of characters that help the plot continue from a beginning slower pace, to a fast paced adventure at points. I did not want to set the book down and could not help but continue reading. As always with authors planning a sequel, not all loose ends were tied up, forcing the reader to read the sequel. Good thing I liked this book and the sequel was already written, so I could continue on.

Eon along with her supporting charters of Lady Dala and Ryko keep the reader engaged even when the plot slows down. The book is filled with strong characters like the protagonist Eon(a). And all the supporting characters had their own background that made them very believable players in the story. I found the love triangle to be an unnecessary part of the story. Ido is eight years older than Eona and in YA novels that is quite a gap which you don’t see. He also has a history of physically hurting her, yet she is drawn to him.

Great books and highly recommended


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  1. Allycal says:

    I say that this book spell from the first page is an understatement, a girl tangling with something that is not the stregth of his spirit in every obstacles that life puts you, is really admirable and ultimately she is the only one who can rescue those who rejected it, i hope EONA with emotion i will not disappoint. Very nice your site Kristin

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