Review: Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Review: Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

 A new adventure leads us to follow Ash. Ash wishes to be with Meghan and is willing to do anything to get that wish- including becoming mortal. He must face various tests to end up with a soul, but his love for Meghan continues to bring him forward on each part of his quest.

Ash is looking for a soul so that he can survive in the iron realm. I found her method of tests and the various things the represented to be interesting. The author showed the reader what makes humans human and different from the fey that Ash was. The story was suppose to end with the third book but the one last loose end of Ash was not resolved. Thankfully this story resolves the last bit of plot for Meghan and Ash and they finally get to have their happy ending. While there was some predictability to the plot, I was satisfied with the end to the story.

Glad there was one last book. I would read more by this author as I found her writing style engaging and entertaining.


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