Review: Tiger’s Curse and Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck

Review:  Tiger’s Curse  and Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck

Kelsey accepts a temp job helping a circus not knowing that her fate has finally brought her together with the white Siberian tiger at the circus for a reason. Ren has been stuck in the body of a tiger for centauries and finally found the girl to help get his life back. Kelsey’s summer quickly goes from boring to adventurous as she helps Ren and his brother break the curse that makes them into a tiger most of the time. In the second book Kelsey returns home to wait for a call for the second part of the quest to break the curse. Ren get’s kidnapped and Kelsey must continue on with the quest with brother number two. Along the way they find out how to get Ren back, but there is one big problem. He doesn’t remember Kelsey.

Who doesn’t love having an exotic love interest? Kelsey was an easy read to follow through the story- but the main attraction has to be the foreigners: Ren, Kishan, and Mr. Kadam. They are all Indian and fairly old considering the two brothers have been under a curse for centuries. By the second book we get a love triangle. The twist comes in that the triangle includes two brothers whom both need saving- and Kelsey is the key. I’d like some more originality to love interests in YA. It was fun to see a protagonist date (at Ren’s suggestion). I personally liked Kishan more than Ren and felt he was much more of a prince character than Ren ever seemed

The premise of this book is that Ren is stuck by a curse as a tiger and Kelsey must save him. It was a good book and very engaging- holding my attention thought out. I was disappointed as I neared the end and figured out that she was only going to get ¼ of the quest done per book. I am interested to see how this can be dragged out over four books. I will admit the first part was hard to understand to get into the story, but once you pass the first few chapters, it is a good adventure read. The second quest is just as adventurous as the first. Again, I wish there could be more focus on the quest and less on the other stuff, but then you wouldn’t get four books out of it. The second quest was taken by Kelsey and Kishan, which allowed us to get to know Kishan better. He isn’t exactly fitting into the bad brother role.

Fun books and I am ready for more.

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