Week 27: Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Week 27: Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Summary:  Jacinda is a drake- or what most humans would call a dragon. She can transform into a creature with scales, wings, and breathe fire. While most everyone in her community can turn into a dragon, she is the only one that can breathe fire. This makes her unique but also trapped by her kind that want to keep her a breed more fire breathing dragons. Nothing in her life is her own until her mother packs her and her twin up in the middle of the life and moves away. Now she must start over and try not to be the dragon she really is.

Characters: Jacinda is your typical rebellious teen and in her situation, why shouldn’t she be. Tamara is the typical outcast that wants to fit in. And Will is your confused love interest that doesn’t know why he is drawn to Jacinda. His cousins are very much evil and you feel right away that Jacinda needs to stay away from them. These characters are well developed and their actions stay true to their character.

Concept: The story is based on dragons and the dragons can live out in human form. There are also hunters that capture and kill dragons to sell or make into things such as furniture (yes that was in the book at one point). I like the idea of people transforming into something beyond wolves.  And the hunters make easy enemies.

OVERALL: GOOD. This was a good book. A bit cliché, but a good book. I will probably read the sequel.

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