Week 28: Review: Mistwood by Leah Cypress

Week 28: Review: Mistwood by Leah Cypress

Summary: Prince Rokan has brought back the shifter to protect him in his rule as he ascends the throne. Only the shifter, Isabel does not remember her past or how to even shift once back at the castle. She finds along the way she has a conflict between her past and current desires that she must make her own decision as to what is right and wrong to protect her county and herself.

Plotline: This story was well written to keep most secrets at bay. I like not being able to predict every move in a novel and this one was especially good at hiding the clues. After things were reveal, it was an ahh moment. I find a lot in current novels you can guess every plot turn. This one was a nice change in that everything was not hinted at throughout the book yet made perfect sense once explained.

Characters: I liked all the characters, even the bad ones. They were well developed and kept true to form. The only character that was unpredictable was the main character, but she was without her memories most of the time, so that was how she was supposed to be.

OVERALL: VERY GOOD book. I enjoyed it and appreciated getting away from cookie-cutter plots.

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