Review: Tiger’s Voyage by Coleen Houck

Review: Tiger’s Voyage by Coleen Houck

Kelsey is caught still trying to forget Ren but cannot. She is in more than a love triangle as every young man on the boat practically is throwing themselves at her. She is trying to find feelings for Kishan, but still loves Ren too much. Oh yeah, and there is still part of the curse to break.

This book spent a lot of time focused on the relationships- Kelsey, Ren, Kishan, Texas scuba boy, and Ren’s floozies. It didn’t really get into anything too in depth and Kelsey finally did what Ren wanted, only to find he didn’t really want that. Now she is committed and feels she can’t go back. In reality, she can’t have both brothers and spent most of the book just stringing them along. I wish there was more time spent on the quest or with the bad guy to keep things from turning into a soap opera.

This series is built around getting the two boys back into human not tiger form. While you find in the first book that the quest will be divided into four parts, I expected much of the books to center around the quest. I found that this book centered more on the relationships like the second book did. The first book needed to have some on the relationship side to allow for Kelsey to be willing to go on these possible life ending journeys. She already loves both tigers, so why not focus more on the quest.

If you liked the first two, then this one is right alongside those.


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