Review: Midnight City by J. Barton Mitchell

Review: Midnight City by J. Barton Mitchell

In this sci-fi dystopian world, all of the adults are gone and the children are left to run the world. Holt is a bounty hunter with a price on his head but with a way out- if he can actually catch and keep the wanted Mira. Unfortunately, along the way, Holt and Mira find a child that changes everything. Now can they actually accomplish their goals to be free and keep the child safe at the same time.

This book is a well thought out world. The author piles down layer after layer in this future world filled with aliens and children. There are complicated systems everywhere from outside in the drowning plains to the caverns of midnight city, let alone the otherworld Strange lands. While this book is classified as YA, I don’t think it actually had the feel of YA. Holt is supposed to be eighteen or nineteen, which is your typical YA age group, but he acts much older due to the world. All the characters had to grow up a bunch since they are all taken by the Tone by their late teens. It felt more like an Indiana Jones adventure than a YA book.

Good book and good sci-fi. If you are looking for YA though, this might not fit the bill.


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