Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)Grace had been watching the wolves behind her house for years. When a naked boy with a gunshot wound arrives on her steps, her suspicions are confirmed. She recognized one set of eyes through all of the years. Her wolf was really an eighteen year old boy. And now that they met, they want to find  a way to make him human, as this is the last time he will shift to a human form. In book 2 Sam is cured and life would be good for Grace and Sam, but there are now a lot of new wolves in the forest. Sam and Grace wait as spring approaches to meet the new wolves in their human forms and wait to welcome back Olivia. Instead, they find they are welcoming back a new wolf, Cole, who is unstable and somewhat familiar. Turns out the former rocker has a past of his own and one that keeps him human and not a wolf for long. Finally in book 3 Grace is now and wolf and Sam is not. So we find Sam waiting for spring and warm weather so Grace can return. Cole is running wild trying to find a cure and understand the disease better. Both must hope all can be figured out soon as Isabel’s dad finally gets the okay to kill off the wolf pack when they kill another person.

The first book was a bit hard to read for me as it was like having little conversations. There were not more than a page or two at most in one person’s perspective and then it switched. I felt a little scattered reading it and then found it could be hard to follow at times. It took much longer than most books for me to get into it. by the second book We again are jumping views but now instead of two people we have more people that we are jumping around in the minds of. I actually found that this made this one easier to read. You had to be very careful to see whose chapter it was before you started to read to keep with the story flow. This is an interesting style, and I would guess very hard to write.

This trilogy was nicely finished up. Stiefvater tied up all the loose ends with Grace and Sam. She did leave a few openings with Cole and Isabel, but there relationship was never the focus of the books. Additionally the story ends where it began- the exact same spot in the woods. It was a nice touch and you left the series feeling satisfied that everything was nice and orderly.

Overall it was an intersting read- I found that it didn’t make me want to get away to read more, but it didn’t make me want to just move onto another book.


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