Review: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Review: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Ismae finds her calling in the nunnery that serves the god of death- she is trained as an assassin. After two successful assignments she is then sent to spy on the future king’s half brother Duval, for they fear he may be plotting to hurt his younger sister. Ismae, who is only a peasants daughter, now is thrown into the political court of Brittany on the verge of internal collapse from suitor trying to wed the duchess and external collapse from France trying to invade.

The beginning was slow, but I kept reading and was rewarded for following the tale. While Ismae is the center of the tale, I liked the side characters more. They had more depth to them. I liked Duval and his friends, his mother and his brother, but I was not especially connected with Ismae. I had a hard time picturing the strong willed girl that survived the hideous marriage her father sold her into becoming a sheep that just follows (the orders of the nuns). She lost her spark, but the side characters had not. I also like that I like a good book that promises action through strong protagonists and assassins tend to always fit the bill. I like strong female protagonists also. So this one with assassins that are nuns is a good fill of that.

I liked it once I got past the first few chapters and I am glad I didn’t put it down after the slow start. Will I read the second? Maybe. I see it is not the same main character, so it is possible not as I am not always a fan when authors switch characters.

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