Week’s Reads: Daynight by Megan Thomason and Redemption Rewrite by JH Walker

Review: Daynight by Megan Thomason

daynightKira has entered the second chance foundation as a one year after high school job to get away from her reality where everyone she knows at school is now gone due to an accident. Unfortunately for her, the people running this might have different plans for her. I liked getting a completed story- Too often I find authors leaving the story incomplete and to me that is more of a turn off than grammatical errors. I don’t want to spend hours reading a book that has no resolution. This book was nicely done in that there was resolution and there is more left of the story to tell if the author wants to go further with the tale. Good Job Thomason. I also laughed at the term cleaving??- That did get a chuckle out of me being that I am a scientist that was the term used.  When reading I found that the flashbacks took me some time to get into. This was a different style than I am used to. Good dystopia novel, I would recommend it to fans of dystopia.

Review: Redemption Rewrite by JH Walker

What I liked the most was the completeness to the tale- the story had tons of little details that all fit together at the end. It is a time travel novel and there wasrewrite redemption much that could be woven together and it was nicely done. I enjoyed how this all worked out. I also want to applaud the author for giving the reader a complete book. Thank you for going against the trend of dangling plotline. While there will probably be more to come on the tale, you can read this book and not feel like there is a missing chapter. I found the beginning slow, but once you get into the story it gets better. Lots of backstory dropped on you at first to set everything up. Once the action got going, it quickens the story and keeps you wanting to read more. I felt bad for the author as soon as I saw the cover because there is one out there for another book with almost the exact same cover (same pic with only minor little differences) This is my fear when making a cover- that someone will see the same pic and think the same thing. Make sure to check the title to get the right book.


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