Week’s Reads: Dragonfly Prophecy by Jacquelyn Castle and Wilde’s fire by Krystal Wade

Weeks Reads: Dragonfly Prophecy by Jacquelyn Castle

I was just as lost as Lexi at the beginning and was wondering did she hear voices in her head, something paranormal or what. We soon got an answer and then more issues to resolve. Poor Lexi was stuck between two worlds. I was rooting for her to stay with her Aunt and Chase. Her parents had each other but her aunt only had her. And William- she just described him as too perfect. I never like the perfect male love interests. I like the more real ones like Chase (though even he was a bit unbelievable in power and status- at least he didn’t come off that way to Lexi). This book was packed with action and mystery and bit of romance thrown in. Great combo and good read!


Wilde’s fire by Krystal Wade

I didn’t connected with the main character in the first chapter (which typically makes me stop as my nook normally has 75-100 books on it at one time) but I decided to keep reading and was not disappointed. Once Kate finally meets Arden the action just picks up and keeps you wanting to read more. The story is far from complete as Kate only gets pieces here and there as she finds her new place in the world- her real place in the world. It just leaves you wanting to know more…..

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