Week’s Reads: Ethereal by Addison Moore, Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, Cheyenne by Lisa Weidmeier

Ethereal by Addison Moore

Moving to a new town normally sucks, but it is worse if you move into a house where the previous resident was taken and murdered. This book was a very easy read and kept clicking along nicely. Nothing was too hard to follow or distracting. The writing style was nice and easy read. I found myself easily drawn into the tale and wanting to continue to read. I found some of the story overdonesome things in YA seem a bit cliché by now: moving to a new town…mean clique girl cheerleaders… guys so handsome the protag drools over them…not one but two good looking guys….. this book had its fill of clichés- just realize that this book is two years old and when written this was not all overdone in YA and has been since then.



Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

“Tarot card urban fantasy end of the world book” is the best description I have for this one.  The themes and background were fresh and new in the YA urban fantasy/end of the world genre: tarot cards… I know nothing about them but find as I am reading this book I will be learning more. Different than what is the norm out there. Mix of paranormal and apocalyptic story. I liked the mixture. This was a surprisingly satisfying story, despite not resolving the main plot- I really don’t appreciate authors leaving things on a cliffhanger and not telling anything at the conclusion. While this did not resolve the ultimate plot, it did make a complete story. I would assume by her previous writing (a series with at least 9 books in it) that she is almost an expert at this, but I liked it none-the-less. I did have trouble reading the first chapter. Ugh. I am really not into horror or serial killers. The first chapter is from the point of view of one. It really creeped me out to begin with. Ugh. How can a book creep you out?!!

Cheyenne by Lisa Weidmeier

Cheyenne’s life changes quickly, and she finds there were secrets her adopted parents kept from her. They weren’t the only ones keeping secrets, and after their unexpectant deaths, Cheyenne finds out her best friend Colt has a secret of his own. Soon Cheyenne finds herself with a fate and destiny that she is not sure she wants and Colt isn’t the person she thought he was.

This was a long book and a lot of time passed- This I thought was good and bad. Bad because the action had to go at a slower pace, but good because we get a real sense for Cheyenne. She doesn’t just lose her parents and is better in a day and going on with her adventure. She deals with her life in a real manner. There was a much more realistic feel to this story than most urban fantasies. Also, I like that this was a new idea- this was a new fantasy series without vampires, werewolves, or faeries, so that was a nice change of pace. It did seemed weird to me that some of what they did not tell her and why they did not. Why did they not tell her about the lights? Even if she freaked out, she would get over it. It seemed like details were left out that could have helped with her safety and that made me question the other characters throughout. I understand keeping the meaning of the rings a secret, but why other details. That made me like the guys a bit less. They should have had more faith in Cheyenne and her ability to do the correct thing- especially Colt- he was her best friend.

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